Social Media Infograph

I spend so much time on social media. Whether I'm communicating with friends or finding inspiration. Here's a little info on my social media stats.


Coming up

UX/UI Interface design. Here are some of my sketches when working to design this app. Making it easier to hand off to a programmer to make it work. 


It stills feels a little surreal but it's been a little less than a month since I got to move that brown tassel (why are visual arts given brown tassels?!) to the other side of my cap. I took a well deserved week off and am back at my alma mater working in the Public Relations office and also started working part time for Maranatha Volunteers International as a graphic designer. Still as busy as ever but I'm loving it. Huzzah for the first B.F.A in Graphic Design of Pacific Union College!



Taking me second to last final at the moment. We're presenting apps we designed on Indesign CS6. Let me tell you... it is hard. I'm excited to keep learning about this post grad. I'll be posting a gallery showcasing my app soon.


Portfolio Review Day (AIGA SF)

I have the awesome opportunity to live so close to one of the best cities for graphic design: SAN FRANCISCO.  

On Saturday the AIGA SF chapter had their annual Portfolio Review Day where local designers from all sorts of design agencies look over students' portfolios.  It's an awesome way to get to know people in the industry and network.

I signed up as a volunteer since my portfolio was still in the works and it was great. Of course my feet hurt by the end of the day but it was awesome getting to meet so many different people and see how other schools do it.

CCA in San Francisco as we wrap up our day.